Marvelous Measles

Alright, this is going too far, even for an anti-vaxxer:From Reasonable Hank, who explains that Stephanie Messenger is an anti-vaccination activist in Queensland, and part of the Australian Vaccination Network. … [Read more...]

Measles in the Mail

Here's an article I missed the first time, and thanks to Tom Levenson at Balloon Juice for catching it. Apparently some of the anti-vaxers are crazier than I thought.Prosecutor to parents: Mailing chickenpox illegalParents fearful of vaccinations are being warned by a federal prosecutor that making a deal with a stranger who promises to mail them lollipops licked by children with chickenpox isn't just a bad idea, it's against the law.Jerry Martin, U.S. attorney for the Middle … [Read more...]

Dr. Oz and Apple Juice

Dr. Richard Besser, the ABC News Health and Medical Editor, had a confrontation with Dr. Oz on "Good Morning America." Besser basically accused Oz of fear mongering. The argument was about a recent episode of Dr. Oz, where the good doctor tested apple juice for arsenic and found trace levels.This was not news to the most folks in the medical field:Scientists say arsenic is a naturally occurring substance, and is so abundant in the Earth's soil that it often ends up in many of the foods we … [Read more...]

Great Moments in Freethought: Allen's Inoculation

On a Sunday morning in the spring of 1764, two men presented themselves before the crowd leaving a Congregationalist Church in Salisbury, Connecticut.The older of the men would have been well known to the congregation, since he was one of the city's doctors and one of its more notorious freethinkers. His name was Dr. Thomas Young, and he was a competent physician, a self-taught scholar and a well known deist.His companion was slightly younger, in his mid-twenties compared to Young’s early t … [Read more...]

Does god Really Heal?

The following post was submitted by Jeremy Wells, AKA the Not So Friendly Atheist, who blogs about the logical flaws in religious arguments.Does god really heal? This is a simple question that I put to the test when I was a Christian- the results convinced me to abandon religion. One of god's promises is that he will heal all believers that pray for it. This is one of the foundational beliefs in religious doctrine. Certainly god should honor his word in this area, but does he?Is any one of … [Read more...]