So Long, And Thanks For All The Memories (From Dan)

2008 was a difficult year. My wife and I lived in a trailer on my parent's property because we couldn't sell our out-of-state house. I lost a lot of money in the real estate & stock market crash. My wife was severely depressed because she couldn't get pregnant. I lost my faith in Christianity and God and was learning what it meant to be a "non-believer" and "apostate."Did I mention I lived in a trailer? When it rained, brown water leaked on everything. All my possessions moved when you … [Read more...]

The forums are LIVE!!1!

Ok folks, I know it's been forever and I apologize, but the forums are BACK!It's the same setup as before, and your logins are the same.Enjoy and thanks for being patient!Update 9/30: There was an issue with some old users not being able to post, but that should be fixed now. Unfortunately, something else came up and the forum seems to be down. I'm at Patheos' mercy and do not have the proper access to fix it myself. A blessing and a curse, I guess. :) … [Read more...]

Attention Whore?

Vorjack stirred up some unintentional controversy when he used the phrase "attention whore" in a post. Some readers were offended. I had never heard of anyone being offended by it (except my mom, who is offended by everything), but I'm not always in the know on those things.So, dear readers, are you offended by the phrase?Update:The final results are in!No - 375 votes (94%) Yes - 25 votes (6%)The poll closed at 400 votes. … [Read more...]

Welcome, Elemenope!

Give a warm welcome to our newest contributor, Elemenope! El has been around here for a long time (his first comment was in Jan 2009 and he's made 3,700 comments), and I've always been impressed by his ability to think clearly and write persuasively. He's also amazingly levelheaded in heated discussions (which is why I asked him to be a moderator many months ago).Welcome Elemenope! I think you're going to make UF even better.(If not, well, Ty will be paying a little visit...) … [Read more...]

Favorite Posts of 2009

In 2009 Unreasonable Faith had 929 posts! Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read this blog and participate in the discussions. I love the community that has grown up around UF.I went through some of those nine hundred posts and selected some of my favorites.Here they are in no specific order:Is the Bible Reliable for Truth about Jesus Christ? Your God Isn’t Pro-Life The Worst Father Ever Imagined 10 Ways to Embrace Doubt and Find Truth How To Handle Criticism From Friends and Fa … [Read more...]