Dead Raiser

Here's a trailer for the new documentary Dead Raiser, a production of the Christian company Mountain Light Cinema. The documentary itself consists of modern day miracle stories of people being raised from the dead. Christian Nightmares)Looks like a fair quality production. Setting aside the question of evidence - what are we to make of stories from an explicitly evangelical source - there's always the question of evil. What are we to … [Read more...]

Jesus Statue in Ohio Struck By Lightning; Utterly Destroyed

Either God has poor aim, or the Father and Son had a heck of a fight.Before:After:A giant statue of Jesus outside a church in Ohio in the US has been destroyed by lightning.The glass fibre and plastic foam sculpture caught fire and burned to the ground in what insurance companies have described as an act of God.Do you think the church learned the clear lesson that God hates statues of Jesus? That making statues are an abomination and should be made illegal?I have … [Read more...]

The Feats of King Jong II

Good point. … [Read more...]

Please Cure Mommy

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Common Courtesy?

Yeah... we'll get right on that. … [Read more...]