The Church of LDS May Get Its Day in Court

This caught me off guard:A disgruntled former Mormon has convinced an English court to file two summonses to appear against Thomas S. Monson, the current president of the Mormon Church.Tom Phillips based his complaint on the Fraud Act of 2006, a British law that outlaws making a profit off of false representations. According to Phillips, this is precisely what the Mormon Church does — it uses statements it knows to be factually untrue in order to secure tithes from members of the C … [Read more...]

Treasure Seeking

Reading Alan Taylor's classic article, "The Early Republic's Supernatural Economy: Treasure Seeking in the American Northeast, 1780-1830" from American Quarterly. These days we think about treasure seeking only in relation to Joseph Smith jr., but apparently it was a common practice in the north east. Here's a quote from Benjamin Franklin, writing under the pen name "The Busy-Body," complaining about the practice:This odd Humour of Digging for Money, thro' a Belief that much has been hid … [Read more...]

The Internet Strikes Again, Mormon Edition

Once again we see that the internet is the greatest threat to religious dogma in the modern world.Some Mormons Search the Web and Find Doubt In the small but cohesive Mormon community where he grew up, Hans Mattsson was a solid believer and a pillar of the church. He followed his father and grandfather into church leadership and finally became an “area authority” overseeing the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints throughout Europe.When fellow believers in Sweden first began com … [Read more...]

Mormons and Those Other Minorities

The elapse time of internet parodies continues to shorten. In imitation of the PR move and website directed at homosexuals, mentioned here, there's now a biting parody website, Mormons and Negros:Where the Church Stands:Being black is a complex reality for many people. Having dark skin isn’t itself a sin, but it is often an indicator of past sin. Even though individuals are sometimes cursed with dark skin because of sins committed in this lifetime, others may not have sinned in this l … [Read more...]

Mormon Church to Gays: There’s Always the Afterlife

Via the Deseret News, it looks like the leaders of the Church of Latter Day Saints are attempting to recover from the PR disaster caused by Proposition 8, as well as staunch the flow of gay Mormons leaving the church:With a clear invitation to gay Mormons to “stay with us,” The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints today launched a new website aimed at providing “greater sensitivity and better understanding” among Latter-day Saints with regards to same-sex attraction.“When people ha … [Read more...]