The Way Too Philosophical Pop Song

Or, "Why existential philosophers don't reach the Top 40.""We'll be dancing for the rest of our lives, so objectively where is the worth."I dedicate this to Daniel Fincke. … [Read more...]

… And That Was News, Yes That Was News …

I made a reference to Josh White's "Free and Equal Blues" the other day and got a lot of blank looks from people of my own generation. Dammit, what's the point of folk music if folks don't hear it? by Josh White, lyrics by "Yip" Harburg and music by Earl Robinson, 1944. Probably the only song to mix blues and humor with chemistry in the service of human equality.According to legend, Harburg and Robinson wrote the song as a way to … [Read more...]

This Isn’t Going to End Well

Jeff Hanneman, pioneering guitarist who helped form the metal band Slayer, has died. He was struck down by liver failure, exacerbated by a flesh-eating disease that affected his arm, perhaps caused by a spider bite.That's kind of a metal way to go.Slayer is hard to classify, in part because they've been around long enough that they're a genre all to themselves. Thrash/speed metal, maybe. Their fans have a reputation for being fanatical in their devotion to the band. Being the … [Read more...]

You Say That Like it’s a Bad Thing …

I've been called a materialist several times recently, so let me get this off my chest ...'re obsesssed and distressed Cause you can't make any sense of the ludicrous nonsense and incipient senescence that will deem your common sense useless this ain't no recess!I want to believe in you, but my plan keeps falling through I know I have to face the harshness, grin and bear the truth And I have to walk this mile in my own shoes … [Read more...]

Gotye’s Remix of the Remixes of Somebody That I Used to Know

Today Gotye posted his own video remix of the youtube remixes of his song "Somebody That I Used to Know." I know this song is the most overplayed song on earth right now, but this is very cool and worth watching. find it wonderful that one song has inspired so much creativity in so short a time. … [Read more...]