Josh Groban On The Myth of God

Text: "When people tell me, 'God has blessed you with the gift of music', you're damn right I get offended. I did not practice hours a day for eighteen years to have my success attributed to a myth." —Josh GrobanEDITOR'S NOTE:We've gotten a number of complaints that this is a misquotation. A violinist who looks a bit like Josh Groban is plausibly claiming credit, and that seems to be it.Normally I'd leave it as further evidence that we're fallible. However, some folks are a … [Read more...]

Myth vs. Morality

I'm reading John R. Coats' Original Sinners: Why Genesis Still Matters, (which seems to be the softcover of his "Original Sinners: A New Interpretation of Genesis"). Coats has a light touch with biblical interpretation. He isn't delving into textual criticism or grappling with the cultural context of ancient Israel.One of the advantages of this is that he can talk about the characters without letting them get buried under etymological arguments or turning them into etiological symbols. The … [Read more...]

Oh, Queensland….

I read this on Pharyngula today and... Wow. I'm not even going to comment on it. I'm just going to let you read it:"PRIMARY school students are being taught that man and dinosaurs walked the Earth together and that there is fossil evidence to prove it.Fundamentalist Christians are hijacking Religious Instruction (RI) classes in Queensland despite education experts saying Creationism and attempts to convert children to Christianity have no place in state schools.Students have been told Noah … [Read more...]

James McGrath on Skepticism and the Historical Jesus

by VorJackYou may know of Dr. James McGrath, a professor of religion at Butler University. He's the author of two excellent books on the history of Christianity, The Burial of Jesus and The Only True God. He's also a blogger at Exploring Our Matrix, where he blogs about religion, biblical history and the show Lost. He's also an occasional commenter here at UF, so show some love.McGrath has occasionally fenced with the mythicists on his blog. In a recent post, he noted that discussion of … [Read more...]

On the Origin of Superstitions

by Jesse GalefWhy are dirty underwear, mutant clover, and amputated mammal appendages associated with good fortune?  How did humans develop our "lucky" rituals? And why are they usually gross when you think about them? I hope to address two of these three questions, read on to find out which. A lucky charm I made in college: card laminated with a 4-leaf clover Tonight I will be watching my beloved Baltimore Ravens playing the Cleveland Browns on Monday Night Football.  It should be an easy g … [Read more...]