The Absence of Something…

This statement certainly has the absence of something...   … [Read more...]

Christian Soldier Firearms

This place helps Christians turn the other cheek.Can you imagine if there was a place called Islamic Solider Firearms?Though maybe a better name would be Allah Ammo...(via) … [Read more...]

Beware of Cleverbot!

According to this Christian, Cleverbot is an atheist that is converting our youth! You go, Cleverbot!But I wasn't quite sure — you can never quite trust someone who calls an AI program a "he" — so I tested it myself: Hi Cleverbot! I was wondering, are you an atheist?What do you think?I think you're a fucking robot.I assume you are one too.Then you're an idiot. Anyway, let's word this a different way so your tiny robot brain can understand. Do you believe in a god? … [Read more...]

When Fundies Get Pathetic

I thought I'd let you in to a little bit of the routine of a moderator here on UF. Or maybe it's just me who goes to these lengths, I don't know. Anyway, this morning I logged in and saw this little icon:Which is there to tell me that somebody's awaiting moderation. This is pretty common, since all first commenters on the site have to be pre-moderated; it cuts down the spam you guys see and makes mods lives easier. This morning's was a little bit special though. It wasn't a comment chock … [Read more...]

Stay classy, Eric Hovind.

I'm just going to let this tweet speak for itself.What. The. FUCK. … [Read more...]