Quote of the Moment: So Not His Father

Franklin Graham hearts Vladimir Putin (or at least his anti-gay policies):"In my opinion, Putin is right on these issues,” Graham wrote. “Obviously, he may be wrong about many things, but he has taken a stand to protect his nation’s children from the damaging effects of any gay and lesbian agenda."It's karmically ironic that the son of Cold Warrior Billy Graham should be praising an authoritarian ex-KGB Russian leader who thinks that the collapse of the Soviet Union was the "greatest geop … [Read more...]

Can’t You Fight For Equality More Politely?

Every revolution spawns a counter-revolution. That's as close to an iron-clad law of history as you can get. So after the successes of the marriage equality movement, it's no surprise that there's a backlash. The "religious freedom" laws that many states have attempted are a good example. But probably more indicative are the moderates who now seem to think that maybe things have gone to far, and maybe the proponents of gay marriage should be, y'know, more civil.Once again, civility is … [Read more...]

Atheists at CPAC

Although the American Atheist booth at the Conservative Political Action Conference has been canceled, David Silverman has still been there working the room:"I came with the message that Christianity and conservatism are not inextricably linked,” he told me, “and that social conservatives are holding down the real conservatives — social conservatism isn’t real conservatism, it’s actually big government, it’s theocracy. I’m talking about gay rights, right to die, abortion rights –”Hold on, … [Read more...]

Creeping Marriage

The spread of marriage equality over the past ~14 years, in a helpful animated .gif, courtesy of Mother Jones:In hindsight, it's really amazing how fast this is all going. My impression is that gay marriage was just barely on the radar for most gay rights advocates twenty years ago. It was something to consider for the future, but not the most salient battle. Now ... this. … [Read more...]

Good Questions and Bad Law

JT posted a clip of Anderson Cooper interviewing Al Melvin, Republican member of the Arizona Senate. Melvin was one of the supporters of the recent "religious freedom" bill.You can go to JT's site for the interview, or for Jon Stewart's take on the interview. There's one particular exchange that caught my attention, so here's a segment of the CNN transcript:COOPER: Help me understand. Under your law, under this law, if I'm a Catholic loan officer, say, in a bank, and I don't like the … [Read more...]