Bolshoi Simulations

This is a visualization of the Bolshoi Simulation, an attempt to chart the evolution of the large-scale structures in the universe using the data from the cosmic background radiation. ("Bolshoi" means "great" or "grand" in Russian.)From i09:The Bolshoi supercomputers create this simulation of the large-scale structure of the universe by first examining the data from NASA's WMAP explorer, which maps out the cosmic microwave background radiation. Since this radiation is the light left over … [Read more...]

Beautiful Scenery, from Above and Below

Patryk Kizny, Robert Paluch and Fabian Weber put together a timelapse view of the Swiss Alps titled Altissimo. It is utterly gorgeous. However, the music detracts a bit - European tastes just seem different from mine. Scott Bailey felt the same way, so he put put together a new version with a more classical flavor:[youtube=]NASA has been releasing large numbers of photographs from the international space station at their Gateway to Astronaut … [Read more...]

The Moon in HD

NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has been orbiting the moon for the past two years, taking images and creating a 3D map of the lunar surface. One of the results is this HD video of the valleys and ridges that span the moon's surface.[youtube=] … [Read more...]

Free Science

Open Culture has put together a list of its top 125 science videos. These range from full science lectures, to documentaries, to the short time-lapse videos I like so much.Here's one of my new favorites: Earth-rise as seen from the moon, taken by the Japanese Kaguya spacecraft.[youtube=] … [Read more...]

Cassini Probe Images

Here are a series of black & white images taken by the Cassini-Huygens Imaging Science Subsystem (iow the "camera" aboard the Cassini probe) as it orbits Saturn. Chris Abbas has strung the images together into a pseudo-animation and set the whole thing to a soft Nine Inch Nails score. The result is breathtaking.CASSINI MISSION from Chris Abbas on Vimeo.(via Open Culture) … [Read more...]