Deep in the heart of Texas

From the San Antionio Express-News:A federal judge in San Antonio on Wednesday declared Texas' ban on gay marriage unconstitutional. The Lone Star state's refusal to recognize out-of-state same-sex marriages is also unconstitutional, he ruled.U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia, however, also issued a stay, meaning the bans remain in effect for the time being.“Regulation of marriage has traditionally been the province of the states and remains so today,” Garcia wrote in the 48-page rul … [Read more...]

Republican Senators in Arizona Request a Do-Over

Dr. Science at Obsidian Wings has pointed out that many of the people in the "traditional marriage" crowd are just not very good at their jobs. Particularly those in government or the legal profession. Whether it's composing legal cases stuffed with arguments that have already been rejected, or pushing for policy without understanding the language of the bill you're sponsoring, the performance is simply embarrassing.Now here's another data point for that theory from AZ Central. It … [Read more...]

Republican’s Outreach to Women Continues

Trigger warning: this post includes discussion or rape, and particularly spousal rape. If this is likely to upset you, please enjoy this quokka joey instead.Virginia state senator Richard H. "Dick" Black is running for the federal senate seat of retiring senator Frank Wolf. Black is pretty much the definition of a Tea Party culture warrior. Along with the usual stand against abortion and the becoming-usual stand against contraception, he fought to keep a statue of Abraham Lincoln out … [Read more...]

Beware the Nazi-Marxist-Slaveholding Plutocrats

When venture capitalist Tom Perkins compared the attitude of modern Americans towards the wealthy with Kristallnacht, the series of anti-Jewish attacks in 1939 Nazi Germany, he earned himself a heap of scorn. For some strange reason, the Wall Street Journal seems determined to defend his honor.The latest attempt comes from Ruth Wisse. Unfortunately, Wisse actually misses the point. Perkins was making a direct comparison: he was comparing some acts of vandalism during the Occupy movement … [Read more...]

The Shelby Decision

I've just gotten around to reading the Shelby decision (pdf) that struck down Amendment 3 in Utah. Judge Robert Shelby's decision is worth a read if you have time for a 50 page document. It looks like the state of Utah trotted out all the usual arguments against same sex marriage, and Shelby knocked them down one after another.For example, the argument from tradition:Finally, the State contends that the fundamental right to marriage cannot encompass the right to marry someone of the … [Read more...]