Global Warming Explained

From National Geographic:Anti-Glacier Prayer "Worked Too Well"—Vatican Approves New RitualAbout 50 people set out on foot from the Swiss village of Fiesch at dawn on July 31. As the sun rose over 13,000-foot (4,000-meter) Alpine peaks, the procession moved slowly up a mountainside and into the cool of a pine forest, stopping at a tiny church. [...]“Glacier is ice, ice is water, water is life,” intoned priest Toni Wenger, before beseeching God to stop the glaciers high above them fro … [Read more...]

Futurama: Is there anything we can do to help my friend?

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Nothing Fails Like Prayer

Well, there are a few other things that fail like prayer, like miracle water, alternative medicine, and a few of my friends. :)[via] … [Read more...]

Christians: Don’t Vote, Pray Instead!

Just a friendly reminder to our godly brethren. Since prayer is so powerful and effective, it should be used to further God's cause in America. So don't vote; pray! … [Read more...]

Science vs Religion

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