Little Girl Brings Down the Glory

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Divine Intervention….

.... Monkey Dust style!For anybody who's never seen Monkey Dust, it was an animated sketch show on BBC4 that was.... Well, it was edgy. I always used to prefer to watch it on my own because I felt like people were judging me for laughing at some of it.Needless to say, this is NOT SAFE FOR WORK (despite being quite mild by Monkey Dust standards).[youtube=]Enjoy :-) … [Read more...]

Prayer vs Aspirin

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Praying for Control

by VorJackDuring my "dues paying" years, I worked a job as a security guard stuck in a little guard shack. In order to avoid the feeling like I was in a sensory deprivation tank, I always kept the radio on to whatever station wasn't playing country music. That meant that I occasionally listened to the local Christian station.Praying to Change the World Pullquote: Does an omniscient God need to be told that there's a problem?One thing I noticed was the constant call to prayer: pray for … [Read more...]

Money for Prayer in the Health Care Bill?

by VorJackThe LA Times recently had an article about a small provision in the Senate version of the Heath Care bill: Healthcare provision seeks to embrace prayer treatmentsBacked by some of the most powerful members of the Senate, a little-noticed provision in the healthcare overhaul bill would require insurers to consider covering Christian Science prayer treatments as medical expenses. The provision, which was added by Sen. Orrin Hatch and backed by John Kerry and the late Ted Kennedy, … [Read more...]