God Smites Area Man For Distracting Him From Tree Frogs

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Pat Robertson Only Alive Due to Prayers

Pat Robertson recently had heart surgery. It was successful, and in a statement Pat said: Only the prayers of thousands of believing people kept me on this earth. Way to give credit where credit is due, Pat! Most people give their doctors some of the credit, and others give it all to God. But Pat gives the credit to Christians praying.If I were his doctor, I'd be insulted.Later in life, when he dies, will it then the fault of not enough people praying? Would he live forever if he could have … [Read more...]

Jerry Falwell's Son Opens Congress In Prayer

How quaint that we open each session of Congress with prayer. This time Jerry Falwell's son opens in prayer:[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9vvgUbCWVo]I'm all for people praying in private groups, but I don't understand why in our secular government we are still opening in prayer to some guy who might have lived 2,000 years ago.(via) … [Read more...]

Praying for Obama's Death

Since Pastor Wiley Drake told the world he was praying for Obama's death, he's been trying to clarify what he means. You may think that he spends every hour of every day praying for Obama's death. But he really only spends about 2% of his prayer time praying for the death of the US President: “That doesn’t mean I spend every waking hour praying for the death of the president,” said Drake, who leads Buena Park Southern Baptist Church, near Anaheim, Calif. “Of our prayers, 98 percent should be good … [Read more...]

Is It a Miracle That Chase Kear Survived?

Chase Kear's odds were not good. He was pole vaulting when he fell on his head. Doctors said his brain was swelling and they would need to remove some of his skull. They feared either the surgery or an infection would kill him.And yet, he survived.A couple hundred years ago he would have been dead — doctors would not have been able to perform the surgery nor could they have fought the infection he had. Thanks to modern medicine, he had a chance to survive. The Woo Begins But that's not how ar … [Read more...]