The failure of royal prayers [Dawkins]

[Charles Darwin’s cousin Francis Galton] noted that every Sunday, in churches throughout Britain, entire congregations prayed publicly for the health of the royal family. Shouldn’t they, therefore, be unusually fit, compared to the rest of us, who are prayed for only by our nearest and dearest? Galton looked into it, and found no statistical difference.(Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion (2008), p. 85) … [Read more...]

Today's selfish prayer

Dear God,Please grant unto me everything I want today. I know you have planned everything out for my good, but I think it would be better if you'd just do things my way.Also please make John McCain win the election, not the Black Muslim guy. I know you already have a plan about that too, but I feel like you should know my opinion about these things.Make my oil stocks go up so I can buy that new Hummer.And of course make my food nutritious unto my body today, because I'm not sure if it … [Read more...]

Tired of unanswered prayers?

I saw this ad on a Christian site the other day and laughed:Is it really surprising there is a market for this kind of book, since unanswered prayers are the only kind that exist?I feel sad for people who are stuck thinking their prayers are unanswered because their technique is bad or because they don't know "God's secrets" to prayer.By the way, since I've stopped praying, I've noticed I still get the things I want... about 50% of the time. Same as before. And think of all the time I've … [Read more...]

24,000 children died today from starvation

24,000 children died today from starvation. What makes you think God will answer your prayers?—Atheist bumper sticker (via William Lobdell) … [Read more...]

If prayer was effective…

If prayer was effective, why would we need vaccinations? Why would we need medical technology? Why is it that medical technology is always more effective than prayer? Is God not as powerful as human ingenuity?A believer might reply, "God works through science." But that cannot be proven. It's an assumption. If there was no God, wouldn't we still have come up with the solution? If not, how exactly did God work through science? Why did he wait thousands of years to "work through science," … [Read more...]