QotD: What Has Atheism Done For You Lately?

Godless in Dixie contemplates life after leaving the godless closet. He lists ten of the benefits he sees to living life as an atheist. His answers range from the basic ("Getting Sunday mornings back"), the profound ("A greater appreciation for the preciousness of life") to the apparently unprintable (#7, too personal for the internet.)For me, I have to say that there is a relief to facing life head on. I know that many believers find that theology and spirituality add meaning and depth … [Read more...]

Question of the Day: Atomism = Atheism?

Victor J. Stenger's God an the Atom is a very nice history and description of atomism (and thanks to Prometheus Books for the review copy.) Stenger's background as a particle physicist makes him probably the most qualified of the popular new atheists to write the book. What I'm less sure about is Stenger's argument that atomism automatically leads to atheism. He throws this out in the early part of his history:Most authors who write on the subject insist that the ancient atomists were not … [Read more...]

Forward Thinking: Civic Responsibility

Libby Anne and Daniel Fincke have started a project they're calling Forward Thinking, hoping to get us atheists to stop carping about religious people all the time and discuss positive issues on occasion. The Finckster is putting the focus on values, and Libby Anne kicks things off:Our first prompt involves an issue that is, I think, too often left undiscussed. It is my suspicion that differing ideas about the nature of civic responsibility and what all it includes often underlie political … [Read more...]

QotD: Free Speech?

Can someone articulate what the "ideal of free speech" is?Basically, John Scalzi wrote a response piece to Adrian Chen's outing of Reddit moderator Violentacrez. Scalzi points out that the cry of "free speech" is misguided because the government was not involved, and the American right of free speech is a check on government authority to censor.This led to a lot of people to argue that there is an ideal of free speech beyond the constitutional right to free speech. The problem is that, … [Read more...]

Questions of the Day: Design.

According to some Christians, all life on Earth was designed by a perfect intelligence, and humanity is the pinnacle of that design process. This begs a couple of questions, so I'm going to go ahead and ask them:Theists: If you had to pick just one, what part or action of the human body would you say is the best example of something that had to have been designed by a perfect intelligence, for which evolution does not provide a satisfactory explanation?Atheists: If you had to pick just … [Read more...]