Atheist Funerals

Hey folks. I'm back. Give me a bit to get my feet under me, and posting will resume.One thing: it's a truism that funerals are for the living. From my perspective, funerals exist to help the survivors come to grips with the gap that has opened up in their lives.Different people will need different things as they learn to cope with the death of a loved one. But I have a hard time understanding the role of the southern baptist ceremony I just saw. All the talk about heaven and the … [Read more...]

Catholic Hospital Mergers

Yes, I know that phrases like "the implications of hospital mergers" probably drive traffic away from the site, but I find this disturbing. Via a site called Mergerwatch, I find that a local hospital is merging with a Catholic hospital system, and one result is a restriction on the types of services the hospital can perform:Northeast Health has agreed to abide by Catholic health restrictions upon completion of its affiliation with two Catholic systems, St. Peter’s Hospital (part of Catholic … [Read more...]

Christian Negging?

A comic from XKCD got me talking about "negging," the trick of using put-downs to lower a person's self confidence so they will be more vulnerable and seek your approval. It's associated with "pick-up artists" attempting to seduce women.The use of insults, no matter how subtle, in order to attract someone seems counter-intuitive. Nevertheless, I've been told it works under certain circumstances. Which makes me think about Christianity in general and Calvinism is specific.Is this … [Read more...]

Discussion: The “Race” Word

In one of yesterday's posts, a commenter mentioned that races didn't exist so it was unhelpful to use the term "race."What do ya'll think? … [Read more...]

Family Guy & Domestic Violence

The other night Family Guy had an episode that focused on domestic violence, and many are saying it went "too far":What do you think? … [Read more...]