Quote of the Moment: So Not His Father

Franklin Graham hearts Vladimir Putin (or at least his anti-gay policies):"In my opinion, Putin is right on these issues,” Graham wrote. “Obviously, he may be wrong about many things, but he has taken a stand to protect his nation’s children from the damaging effects of any gay and lesbian agenda."It's karmically ironic that the son of Cold Warrior Billy Graham should be praising an authoritarian ex-KGB Russian leader who thinks that the collapse of the Soviet Union was the "greatest geop … [Read more...]

Quote of the Moment: Expensive Theologians

On the topic of Piper and his Calvinism, I ran across a discussion of Calvinist theology in Michael Braddick's God's Fury, England's Fire, a history of the British Civil War. Apparently one of Calvin's disciples, Theodore Beza, did take the theology to the logical extreme. He was a determinist, and he argued that everything that occured in life was all according to God's inscrutable design, right down to the fall of Adam and Eve.This position was not widely embraced. Braddick … [Read more...]

Todd Bentley Heals the Lady Bits

We post a lot of clips from preachers who are an embarrassment to mainstream Christianity: Cindy Jacobs, Pat Robertson, Bryan Fisher, and so on.Todd Bentley is in a league of his own. I'm convinced that fringe lunatics are embarrassed by Todd Bentley. Somewhere in the shriveled lump that is his heart, Fred Phelps is ashamed to be part of the same religion as Todd Bentley.This is from Bentley's latest email blast seeking to raise money for his ministry in Uganda. He tells the story of … [Read more...]

Quote of the Moment: Semi-establishing all religions

John Holbo has a great article up about the debate between Andrew Sullivan and Douglas Wilson. The article is hard to abstract, but this section about how we treat the interaction of religion and politics jumped out at me:The moral of the story is this: there is some confusion about what ‘respect’ for religious liberty properly entails. Legally and morally, people are inclined to treat religious convictions as more than mere ‘private preference’. (If this weren’t the case, there wouldn’t be … [Read more...]

Quote of the Moment: Your Myths vs. My Myths

Dean Galbrraith over at Remnant of Giants found this quote in a review of the new movie Jack the Giant Killer at the Christian Post:Unlike our fairy tale teenager Jack, David was a real life, flesh and bone adolescent who faced up to a giant bigger and badder than any we will face. There was no beanstalk or imaginary kingdom in the clouds in this event, but there was a nine foot tall gargantuan monstrosity named Goliath who mocked the God of Angel Armies.- Lane Palmer, “You Can Be a G … [Read more...]