Unstoppable Never Starts

Reviews are trickling in for Kirk Cameron's movie about the Problem of Evil. Unstoppable showed in select theaters last week, and there will be a final showing on Thursday. The consensus seems to be that Cameron not only fails to answer to question of evil, he fails to even try.Here's Conner Habib at Vice.com, who caught the first showing:Unstoppable isn’t a grappling with theological questions, the work of a wistfully faithful person, or a personal journey. As I’m sure you have alr … [Read more...]

Pack Your Bags!

Pack your bags! I am giving away two plane tickets to travel to Liberty University to watch Unstoppable with me, Warren Barfield, and Mandisa. Enter this CONTEST now (no purchase required), you and a friend pack your bags, and get ready to join me and friends for an amazing experience!Via Kirk Cameron's facebook page, which you have the 'like' to view, so actually it's from Stuff Christian Culture Likes for reasons that are all too obvious.Don't let that stop you, though. Go ahead and … [Read more...]

Persecution Envy

Kirk Cameron is still talking about his appearance on Piers Morgan, his comments about homosexuality and the resulting backlash. Here he is before the students at Liberty University:http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=XuFGL_XTAyI#!Cameron remarks - to a friendly audience - that "blasphemy laws are still alive and well in America," because "they tried to drag me out into the public square and crucify me.""Blasphemy laws don't go away, it's just the god that was … [Read more...]

Crock-o-Duck Strikes Back

The banana was amusing. It was easy to refute and easy to skewer.Crock-o-duck is annoying. Every time I run into it, I realize that we're going to have to start from the very beginning and dispel all the common misunderstandings about evolution before proceeding. It's fractally wrong.This is from Way of the Master: Prague, part of the dynamic duo's trek through Europe spreading the good news of crock-o-duck. Sorry, Europe, but religious ignorance seems to be the only thing that … [Read more...]

Blogging in the Underworld

The hounds at The Wild Hunt have sniffed out a strange relic from back in 2006. Apparently, Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort "infiltrated" a Druid ritual put on by the Raven's Cry Grove in Southern California.Comfort and Cameron made a secret recording of the ritual. (which is at least unethical and likely illegal, but whatev.) They played clips of it on their adventure on the "Way of the Master" podcast, but that particular episode seems to have disappeared. Fortunately, the "satanic … [Read more...]