Philosoraptor on Christian Threesomes

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The Danger of Dreams and Goals

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QotD: Mixed Relationships

by VorJackAre you involved, or have you been involved, in an intimate or romantic relationship where one side is an atheist and the other side is a believer?How does that work out? Did you talk about religion or just avoid the issue? … [Read more...]

Quirky Christian Courtship

"We told Ted he could court Mary." My mother told me this as we were driving to dinner.That didn't make sense to me, so I asked, "Why would Ted need to ask your permission? It's not like Mary's your daughter.""Well you know Mary's father; he would nod his head and say yes to anyone. So Mary gave me the responsibility of accepting or rejecting any man she might want to court."People not familiar with Christian fundamentalism may not know what courting is, so here's a definition from a … [Read more...]

Interfaith Families in the Holidays

by Jesse GalefAs if celebrating the holidays isn't hectic enough for most people, we atheists have to decide which days to celebrate and how.  Thanksgiving and Veteran's Day are easy ones - they're good secular values.  I celebrate the secular version of Christmas - celebrating the spirit of giving - but I often have to explain my views to confused onlookers.I can imagine it would be even tougher for an interfaith couple.  The Washington Post is hosting a forum to discuss the issue. Perhaps y … [Read more...]