The First Couple: Yahweh and Asherah

by VorJack Marriage in the Bible, Part 1Whenever the topic of biblical marriage comes up, I always think of the first couple of the bible. That happy loving couple that proceeds all others: YHWH and Asherah. The Name Game Pullquote: YHWH originally had a consor — Asherah, a fertility goddess with a sweet tooth.Yes, YHWH originally had a consort. Exactly how it happened is hard to say (there was alcohol, that trip to Vegas...). The best guess is that we're seeing a divide between the folk r … [Read more...]

Gay Bashing at a Sports Bar — What Would You Do?

ABC News puts a gay couple into a New Jersey sports bar with a couple antagonistic stooges and watches what happens:[youtube=]This turned out far better than I expected. It's downright encouraging!Unfortunately, I fear doing this experiment in the South might not fare quite as well.(via) … [Read more...]

Woman Marries the Eiffel Tower

This is so weird that I have to post it. It is even weirder than religion. Some people have Objectophilia, a fetish where a person feels sexual desire for an inanimate object. Here is a documentary on people who love bridges, towers, walls... I know we see a lot of weird people in religious videos, but I think this tops them all.The woman in this documentary fell in love with her archery bow, but then fell out of love with it and ended up marrying the Eiffel Tower in a private … [Read more...]

Women, submit!?

A few months ago I wrote an essay on The Tragic Trap of Christian Marriage. In it I argue that the Christian teachings on submission and divorce cause suffering for many women. Many comments argued with my interpretation of Scripture when it commands women to submit to their husbands.But it doesn't matter whether my interpretation is correct or not — my point was that legions of fundamentalist Christians interpret the Bible that way, and it leads to suffering.A reader sent in an article from … [Read more...]