The Church of LDS May Get Its Day in Court

This caught me off guard:A disgruntled former Mormon has convinced an English court to file two summonses to appear against Thomas S. Monson, the current president of the Mormon Church.Tom Phillips based his complaint on the Fraud Act of 2006, a British law that outlaws making a profit off of false representations. According to Phillips, this is precisely what the Mormon Church does — it uses statements it knows to be factually untrue in order to secure tithes from members of the C … [Read more...]

Everybody’s a Christian

I'm sure a lot of other people are picking over the piece by Tony Jones, Why Are You Still a Christian?. The "no atheists in foxholes" line and the argumentum ad populum that the piece rests on are enough to make make most of us start biting our keyboards.But I wanted to focus in on the final paragraph, both because I think it can lead to a useful point and because it displays the kind of tact and sensitivity that has made Jones so popular at sites like Stuff Christian Culture Likes:At … [Read more...]

I Find This Post Very Offensive

Via Ed Brayton, here's a post from the blog Muslim Times with the provocative title, Do Atheists have the right to offend Muslims?. The answer is a clear "No".The European Convention of Human Rights guarantees freedom of expression in Article 10 of that Convention. However, like all fundamental rights, it recognises exceptions. Particularly relevant exceptions in this instance are for the purpose of preventing social disorder, of protecting morals, and protecting the reputation or the … [Read more...]

Overwhelming Religious Diversity and the Agnostic Chair

Over at Agora, Patheos' pagan group blog/hub, there's a nice post by Alyxander Folmer. Folmer discusses a conversation he had with his sister as she was leaving the Church of Latter Day Saints and wondering what to do next. How exactly could she pick between the religions to find the right one? Folmer, bless him, makes her problem worse:That’s a question that mankind has been trying to figure out for about fifty thousand years, ever since the earliest beginnings of religious belief. I can … [Read more...]

The Inevitable Atheist Church

Katie Engelhart at Salon has a run-down of of an atheist organization that making some waves: the Sunday Assembly. Essentially billing itself as an atheist megachurch, the assembly focuses on self-improvement, community and ritual. Apparently it has found an audience:The Assembly has come a long way in eight months: from scrappy East London community venture (motto: “Live Better, Help Often and Wonder More;” method: “part atheist church, part foot-stomping good time”) to the kind of organiz … [Read more...]