Rise of the Nones Re-examined

By now we've all heard about the Pew Research surveys that show the millennial generation leaving the church and the number of unchurched Americans increasing. Pew Research recently put together a panel to evaluate those results, and the transcript is now available. It involved representatives from both Pew and Gallup to discuss the findings, and two professors of sociology to discuss the implications.Claude Fischer, professor of Sociology at Berkeley, explains some of the interpretations … [Read more...]

Why Are The Millennials Leaving? Because They Can.

Just about everyone is reacting to the Barna Group's surveys that show a decline in church membership among the millennial generation. Just about everyone sees the problem through the lens of their own experience.Rachel Held Evans wants a change in substance - high church, more open minded with less focus on listing the things you shouldn't be doing with your genitals. Richard Lindsay says that we need a change in style and substance, by doing everything that Evans says not to do. And … [Read more...]

The Daily Hate

Will Wheaton notes the hateful Christian demonstrations at San Diego Comic-Con this year, and wonders what the point is and why they bring their kids:… many of the sign holders are children between the ages of (I’d guess) 8 and 16. Some of the older kids read the script into their megaphone, while the younger ones try to shove tracts and leaflets into the hands of people who — if they take them at all — immediately throw them on the ground.These children looked miserable. They looked sad … [Read more...]

How Do I know If I’m Wrong?

Connor Wood at Science on Religion has a non-controversial piece on the need for humility in science and religion, focusing mainly on science:The thing is, people often talk about Science (with a capital “S”) as if it’s a clear and perfect window into Truth (with a capital “T”). I don’t think this is true. I think science gives us remarkable tools to reflect on the world and come up with ways to test our ideas about it. But our ideas are always just that – our ideas. The world is, by definiti … [Read more...]

Secular Statue, Religious Statue

Via Rawstory, an Oklahoma man will be allowed to sue the state for its depiction of a allegedly religious statue on the state license plate.The plaintiff is Keith Cressman. The statue is "Sacred Rain Arrow" sculpture by the late artist Allan Houser. The question that is likely to come up in the trial is whether or not the statue is religious. Or rather, do people perceive the statue as religious?It's a tricky question. Consider the secular Christmas display. Our culture has already … [Read more...]