Interactive Drake Equation

BBC Future has provided us with a colorful application for twiddling with the variables in the Drake Equation. The Equation is a thought experiment meant to give a very rough idea as to the number of inhabited planets and technological civilizations existing within the Milky Way galaxy. This version is divided into four sections, allowing you to see how many potentially habitable planets exist in the galaxy, how many are inhabited, etc.(This is only an image. Go to BBC Future for the … [Read more...]

Now Entering the Diamond Age

The Next Web links to a blogger who claims to have created a gun with the help of a 3D printer:As of this writing, the blogger, HaveBlue, can't be accessed. I'm guessing that his blog has been flooded. However, The Next Web reports:Before you go about locking yourself in your closet, you should know that the only printed part of the gun was the lower receiver. But, according to the American Gun Control Act, the receiver is what counts as the firearm.HaveBlue reportedly used a … [Read more...]

Quantum Leap

Oh dear. Scott Bailey found this website, and it is truly absurd. It appears to be New Thought taken in a slightly different direction than we're used to. Are you ready for better living through alternate dimensions? Welcome to Quantum Jumping:For the most part it's a standard "multiple worlds" hypothesis story, where every decision you make is made in a different way by an alternate you in another dimension. We're all familiar with that sci-fi plot device, right?That's when it … [Read more...]

Black Goat of the Woods

Christmas should have a dark side. Here in the northern hemisphere, the days are short and the air is cold and dry. This is a time for standing alone in a stark winter landscape, surrounded by a silence but for the cracking of ice and the snap of snow-laden branches. Christmas hymns should be haunting - "I Wonder as I Wander," perhaps.It's a good time for this short piece by Joesph Nanni titled "Black Goat." Lovecraftians should catch the reference right off - Shub-Niggurath, the black … [Read more...]

I Choose To Believe…

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