Not Even Science Journalism

Over at Violent Metaphors, Jennifer Raff discusses red flags of sensational pseudo-science that are thrown up by the MFAP Hypothesis and its recent coverage in the Daily Mail and the Alex Jones radio show.If you haven't heard, the "MFAP Hypothesis" stands for "Monkey-Fucked-A-Pig hypothesis," and it is seriously as bad as the moniker makes it sound. It's primary proponent is Eugene McCarthy, who suggests that certain characteristics of homo sapiens are easiest to explain by positing a … [Read more...]

Cthulhu Found!

Researchers at the University of British Columbia have named two newly discovered micro-organisms after Lovecraft's Cthulhu and Brian Lumley's Cthylla“When we first saw them under the microscope they had this unique motion, it looked almost like an octopus swimming,” says UBC researcher Erick James, lead author of the paper describing the new protists, published in the online journal PLoS ONE.The octopus-like movements and appearance of both protists reminded James of the horrid Cthulhu a … [Read more...]

Lots of Wriggling Virgin Births

Via Nature:Warren Booth, a molecular ecologist at the University of Tulsa in Oklahoma, now reports the first known case of wild facultative parthenogenesis, publishing the study today in Biology Letters1.In work conducted while he was at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, Booth and his colleagues captured pregnant wild copperheads and cottonmouths, which gave birth in the lab. The researchers suspected that some of the snakes had reproduced without male input: in comparison with … [Read more...]

US teen filled with WIN and AWESOME

So, a US teen has used Google to invent a test for pancreatic, lung and ovarian cancer which costs $0.03c and takes five minutes. The current gold-standard test costs $780 and takes hours.[youtube=]Imagine if all the kids at home reading Bibles or out protesting Planned Parenthood clinics were reading science papers instead. Just like this kid. Man, cancer's ass would be whooped in weeks. … [Read more...]

Surprised Newborn Baby Gorilla

This is cool: A newborn baby gorilla at Melbourne Zoo gets a checkup at the hospital and shows surprise at the coldness of the stethoscope.[via] … [Read more...]