Natural Awe

Back in my dues-paying years, I worked at a historic Vanderbilt mansion in Western NC called the Biltmore House. Its decorating scheme might best be called "late gilded age opulence." There is more texture, color and pattern on the ceiling than most people see in their entire house. And their entire house might fit onto the entry foyer.Many people find this overwhelming. They walk in and find their eyes pulled in a hundred different directions. Having spent their lives living with a … [Read more...]

Teenage Dolphins Getting High

Something to ponder as you're recovering from your New Years binge: humans are not the only creatures who screw with their own brain chemistry with foreign substances. From brainy mammals have been caught on camera chewing on puffer fish that protect themselves by releasing a nerve toxin which, in low doses, appears to have a narcotic effect on the dolphins, according to the Sunday Times.The remarkable footage will be shown as part of the BBC series "Dolphins: Spy in … [Read more...]

Science Only Adds

Years ago I was sitting in an undergrad religion class, listening to most of my classmates complain about science. (Hippie school, what can I say) I distinctly remember one of them complaing about how science ruins things. He said, "They take a beautiful flower and put it under a microscope!"I wish I had known that Richard Feynman had already come up with a response to this:(via It's Okay to be Smart)Yeah, can I borrow someone's time machine? … [Read more...]

Evidence Against Evolution

In the constant back-and-forth argument between creationists and evolutionists, it can be hard to keep up with all the evidence that gets cited for and against. Fortunately for us, The Science Llama has taken it upon himself to compile all the accredited evidence for evolution being a hoax.Ready? Ok ...(Needs sound effects, doesn't it? Crickets chirping maybe.) … [Read more...]

Not Even Science Journalism

Over at Violent Metaphors, Jennifer Raff discusses red flags of sensational pseudo-science that are thrown up by the MFAP Hypothesis and its recent coverage in the Daily Mail and the Alex Jones radio show.If you haven't heard, the "MFAP Hypothesis" stands for "Monkey-Fucked-A-Pig hypothesis," and it is seriously as bad as the moniker makes it sound. It's primary proponent is Eugene McCarthy, who suggests that certain characteristics of homo sapiens are easiest to explain by positing a … [Read more...]