The Atlantic Jumps the Shark

Oy. So The Atlantic decided it was a good idea to run an advertisement for the Church of Scientology masquerading as an news article about explosive growth in the church:Note the yellow "sponsor content" label. That, and a blurb at the bottom, are your only clues that this was essentially written by the PR department at the CoS. But probably worse than the article are the obsequious comments:The article lasted less than 24 hours before being pulled. There's a … [Read more...]

Scientologists Can’t Rap Either

We've made fun of painfully bad Christian rap on this blog several times. In the interest of fairness, here's a painfully bad Scientology rap.!Via Joe.My.God. … [Read more...]

Scientology program follow-up.

Just a quick post to follow up on my earlier post about John Sweeney's program on the Cult Church of Scientology. The program has now aired and is available on iplayer here. Get yourself a UK based VPN and grab some popcorn, it's a fascinating watch. As the program went on, I became more and more convinced that the CoS is first and foremost an organised crime outfit bent on extortion and intimidation. I've never seen the tactics they use filmed so succesfully before. … [Read more...]

Can't wait to watch this!

Back in (I think) 2007, John Sweeney travelled to the US for the BBC and made a documentary about the Cult Church of Scientology. It culminated in this very well publicised rant:[youtube=]John Sweeney has now returned to the US and made a follow-up program - but this time some of the Scientologists who he met the first time have since left the Cult Church and have apparently been quite upfront about how they stitched him up the first time.The … [Read more...]