Purity in Mississippi

From the LA Times:Marie Barnard was delighted when, after decades of silence on the topic, Mississippi passed a law requiring school districts to teach sex education. But the lesson involving the Peppermint Pattie wasn't what she had in mind for her sons.The curricula adopted by the school district in Oxford called on students to unwrap a piece of chocolate, pass it around class and observe how dirty it became."They're using the Peppermint Pattie to show that a girl is no longer … [Read more...]

Meet The Wife

Via Christian Nightmares:This is creepy. It also adds an unpleasant subtext to all the hip young pastors who make an issue of their "smokin' hot wife". … [Read more...]

A Higher View of Sex

Pastor John Mark Comer asks "What is Sex?" (If you have to ask …)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bF_5wbmrEscOy.It's nice to see someone go against the erotophobia in contemporary Christian culture. Taking a high view of sex might be more successful in making the "sex only in marriage" argument - might be, but probably won't. Some observations:1. I've come to realize that the "biblical" is just a signifier of approval within the subculture. It does not mean that the concept is s … [Read more...]

Can’t You Fight For Equality More Politely?

Every revolution spawns a counter-revolution. That's as close to an iron-clad law of history as you can get. So after the successes of the marriage equality movement, it's no surprise that there's a backlash. The "religious freedom" laws that many states have attempted are a good example. But probably more indicative are the moderates who now seem to think that maybe things have gone to far, and maybe the proponents of gay marriage should be, y'know, more civil.Once again, civility is … [Read more...]

Creeping Marriage

The spread of marriage equality over the past ~14 years, in a helpful animated .gif, courtesy of Mother Jones:In hindsight, it's really amazing how fast this is all going. My impression is that gay marriage was just barely on the radar for most gay rights advocates twenty years ago. It was something to consider for the future, but not the most salient battle. Now ... this. … [Read more...]