Who Is This Guy Again?

One of the problems with being out of touch with pop culture is that I frequently get caught off guard by the latest controversy.So with that: who's this guy with the shrub stuck to his face, and why should I care what he thinks about homosexuality?And why does he need to be defended by every right wing politico with a social media account?Anyway, my Christmas gift to you is this: I'm going to shut up and not talk about this anymore. … [Read more...]

Exorcising Your Gay Rights

Just as Gov. Pat Quinn of Illinois signed a marriage equality bill on Wednesday, simultaneously Catholic Bishop Thomas Paprocki delivered a sermon titled "Homily for Prayers of Supplication and Exorcism in Reparation for the Sin of Same-Sex Marriage."Think Progress has some highlights:It is not hateful to say that an immoral action is sinful. On the contrary, the most compassionate thing we can do is help people to turn away from sin… It is not the Church that must change to conform its t … [Read more...]

Cuccinelli is Losing It

We've mentioned Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II before. He's the candidate for Virginia Governor who strongly supports the crimes against nature law which makes it a felony to perform oral or anal sex.Despite the common wisdom that conservative candidates do well in Virginia when there's a Democrat in the White house, the most recent polls show Cuccinelli 17 points behind his opponent in a Rasmussen poll of likely voters. Other polls return similar results.It's possible, just … [Read more...]

Stephen Fry meets Ex-Gay Doctor

A segment of documentary in which Stephen Fry gently disassembles ex-gay therapist Dr Joseph Nicolosi, founder of the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH).http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnBBqYFGKB8 … [Read more...]

They’re Not All Like That

Via Exploring Our Matrix comes word of the NALT Christians Project.You may remember that Dan Savage coined the phrase "NALT" or "Not All Like That" to describe the hapless Christians who just want folks to know that they're not like Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell. Savage complained that such people need to speak out. They need to be heard by Tony Perkins, Maggie Gallagher and the other conservatives who speak as if there could be no Christian opposition to their anti-gay agenda.Several … [Read more...]