Unity Through Astrology

Patheos has finally brought some measure of unity to the fractious web of religion and non-religious sects. Both JT in the atheist portal and Jason Mankey in the pagan portal are both put off by the new astrology section. Now they should add a haruspicy section and see if they can bring some other sects into agreement.My problem with astrology is basicly the same as my problem with homeopathy, chiropractics and acupuncture: the proposed mechanism is all out of proportion with the described … [Read more...]

I’m Okay, You’re Possessed by Satan

Jason Pitzl-Waters is a better blogger than I am.When I saw Fr. Longenecker's post at the Catholic portal linking the Aurora theater shootings to demonic possession, I just rolled my eyes and posted a video about Bobby Jindal's ridiculous exorcism story.Pitzl-Waters had the presence of mind to point out the underlying purpose of such possession claims and the damage they do. A taste:What a tempting idea, that an external evil took control of Holmes and instigated his actions. That … [Read more...]

Amazon Tribe, Suicidal Cult

You have to watch this. So sad.http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=ubKS4_mM3bo#t=519s … [Read more...]

Am I In Hell?

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Picard FTW

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