Google Glasses for the Masses?

Our neighbor Chris Hallquist asks us, "How long before Google Glass (and imitators) are as ubiquitous as smartphones?"Speaking personally, I find the Google Glass to be just too plebeian. I have high hopes for a competing product:Image by LunchbreathHere's a question I haven't heard answered: what about those of us who already wear prescription lenses? Will they work with the set-up, or would I have to switch to contacts? … [Read more...]

Well this is scary…

...Really, really scary. … [Read more...]

Now Entering the Diamond Age

The Next Web links to a blogger who claims to have created a gun with the help of a 3D printer:As of this writing, the blogger, HaveBlue, can't be accessed. I'm guessing that his blog has been flooded. However, The Next Web reports:Before you go about locking yourself in your closet, you should know that the only printed part of the gun was the lower receiver. But, according to the American Gun Control Act, the receiver is what counts as the firearm.HaveBlue reportedly used a … [Read more...]

Information Wants to Be Free, Amen.

I'm not sure what to make of this. Via the LA Times:Copying and file sharing recognized as a religion in SwedenCan the gospel of file sharing really be recognized as a religion? In Sweden it can.In the midst of a worldwide debate about Internet piracy, Swedish authorities have granted official religious status to the Church of Kopimism, which claims it considers CTRL+C and CTRL+V (shortcuts for copy and paste) to be sacred symbols, and that information is holy and copying is a … [Read more...]

Our Ancestors Had Tails

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