Robot Walks On Its Own

Another step towards creating our overlords... … [Read more...]

The Social Web, Defined

90% of all Facebook arguments, and probably 75% of all blog discussions:(via Robert Cargill's XKV8R)"I have no idea. But yes."*wince* I've done that. … [Read more...]

Researchers Create Human Lung on a Microchip

Cool stuff brought to you by SCIENCE:Researchers at Harvard University have successfully created a functioning, respirating human 'lung' on a chip in a lab. Made using human and blood vessel cells and a microchip, the translucent lung is far simpler in terms of observation than traditional, actual human lungs (for obvious reasons), in a small convenient package about the size of a pencil eraser. The researchers have demonstrated its effectiveness and are now moving toward showing its ability … [Read more...]

QotD: Next Sunday A.D.

by VorJackI was reading through the old Slacktivist archives and laughing at his deconstruction of Left Behind. LeHaye and Jenkins did a miserable job of, among other things, predicting what their "not to distant future" would look like. They made no real attempt to predict technological change, and their work looked dated as soon as it was published.But are we any better?What technological changes are you predicting for the near future? What modern trends will turn out to be important? … [Read more...]

Laptops as Earthquake Sensors

by VorJackHere's an interesting new trick for certain laptops, via NPR:By downloading a free program, you and your laptop could help researchers pinpoint earthquakes and even sound an early warning to surrounding areas.Newer models of laptops manufactured by companies like Apple and Lenovo contain accelerometers -- motion sensors meant to detect whether the computer has been dropped. If the computer falls, the hard drive will automatically switch off to protect the user's data."As soon … [Read more...]