Al Jazeera on Bob Jones

This is interesting. Al Jazeera, the international news agency based in Qatar, reporting on a incident of rape at Bob Jones University (obviously, trigger warning for discussions of rape. If that is likey to upset you, please enjoy this Przewalski's foal instead.):How the 'fortress of fundamentalism' handles sexual assaultLydia still doesn’t know why she was expelled from Bob Jones University in March 2009. But she believes it has something to do with the fact that she was raped.I … [Read more...]

Copeland Sinks Even Lower, Barton Follows

Glenn Beck's favorite pseudo-historian has been in and out of the news recently. Apparently there is a movement in Texas to get him to primary Senator John Cornyn, a Republican senator who does not foam at the mouth to the satisfaction of his more extreme constituents.Recently he was on Kenneth Copeland's Veteran's Day program. Things were apparently okay until Copeland ventured into territory beyond his specialty of quoting scripture out of context. Religion News has the story:On a … [Read more...]

Why Didn’t Someone Tell Me I Was Going to Hell?

Isn't this always the way? You buy a house, and you don't find out until six months later that it's located just north of the gates of Hell.I live in a tiny town along the Hudson called New Baltimore. It's basically an ex-burb of Albany. The kind of place where you keep your car doors locked or you'll end up with a back seat full of zucchini.And judging from Google Maps, it's a portal to the outer darkness:, it looks like … [Read more...]

Blasphemy on a Toasted Bun

Kuma's Corner is a meat-centric burger and sandwich restaurant in Chicago with a great love of local food and international Heavy Metal music. Every month they come out with a "burger of the month." This month's burger is the Ghost; a tribute to the extremely theatrical Swedish band of the same name (although it's sometimes Ghost B.C. in the States).Ghost plays with the sacred/occult dichotomy that's been part of Heavy Metal since Black Sabbath went on stage with large gothic crosses. … [Read more...]

The Most Famous Thing Nobody Ever Said

I was listening to a discussion of Voltaire the other day, and his most famous quote was mentioned:I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it. - Voltaire… and of course, the fact that he never actually said this was also mentioned. This particular line has not been found in any of Voltaire's works (although with 200 volumes of writings and correspondence, it's possible we've just missed it.)Right now the assumption is that these w … [Read more...]