Loaves and Spaghetti

Cindy Jacobs is reliably loopy, but her account of various daily miracles is a stretch even for her...http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=5NYOQ3YT3sY“We believe we’re moving into a supernatural season, where if needed, God will multiply food. I have seen God multiply food more than one time when I was cooking. I mean when our kids were little, they were always bringing friends into the house. And I remember spooning out spaghetti or whatever, just praying in the spi … [Read more...]

Planned 2nd Amendment Utopia

It's one of the ironies of American history that the capitalists who created America's industrial economy were often uncomfortable with some of the effects of capitalism itself. One of the most common methods of reducing the "creative destruction" was the creation of planned communities, where the industrialist controlled not just the factory but the development of the surrounding community. From Lowell, Massachusetts to Hershey, Pennsylvania, these were attempts to preserve some ideal of … [Read more...]

Call Me Gangnam Style

Veteran anti-christ watcher William Tapley has uncovered the supersecret numerology underlying pop hits like Gangnam Style and Call Me Maybe:http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=oUbE34XjOgw"In other words, that 666, which is the number of the antichrist in Bible prophecy, will defeat 555, which is the number of Mary's rosary ..."Gah. He's just grabbing any number from 2000 years of Christian history and throwing them into one narrative.One thing I've always … [Read more...]

Weirdest Syncretism Ever: The Jedi/Mayan Apocalypse

From Reuters:Deep inside the Guatemalan rainforest stand the ruins of the Maya temples that George Lucas used to film the planet Yavin 4 in the movie "Star Wars," from where Skywalker and his sidekick Han Solo launched their attack on the Galactic Empire's giant space station.This week, at sunrise on Friday, December 21, an era closes in the Maya Long Count calendar, an event that has been likened by different groups to the end of days, the start of a new, more spiritual age or a good … [Read more...]

Your Acid Flashback Starts Now…

... brought to you by Ernest Angley and Matthew Paul Turner. … [Read more...]