Thoughts on the Aurora Shooting by an Aurora Atheist

Ten days ago. 1:00am. I'm sitting alone in bed reading The Best American Essays of 2010 while Hobbes, my orange cat, purrs beside me.I hear sirens outside, but that's not unusual since I live near a major intersection in Aurora and ambulances often race to accidents on I-225. As the sirens go by, I read that Tolstoy made fun of tennis until he was given a racquet at age 68, then became an "instant tennis addict," playing 3 hours every day. He exhausted his friends and family with his … [Read more...]

Jesus Statue in Ohio Struck By Lightning; Utterly Destroyed

Either God has poor aim, or the Father and Son had a heck of a fight.Before:After:A giant statue of Jesus outside a church in Ohio in the US has been destroyed by lightning.The glass fibre and plastic foam sculpture caught fire and burned to the ground in what insurance companies have described as an act of God.Do you think the church learned the clear lesson that God hates statues of Jesus? That making statues are an abomination and should be made illegal?I have … [Read more...]

Jesus Watches

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No Belgian Church Escaped Child Sex Abuse

A recent investigation has found that "No Belgian church escaped sex abuse":Investigators, working with the support of the Belgian Catholic Church received 475 complaints of child abuse committed in the 1950s through to the late 1980s by Catholic clergy."We can say that no congregation escapes sexual abuse of minors by one or several of its members," the commission concluded. The 200-page report, published on Friday, contains testimonies from some 124 anonymous victims, revealing that abuse … [Read more...]

WBC Thanks God for Shooter

Like we needed more reasons to hate Westboro Baptist Church. Now they're thanking God for the shooter and saying God sent him. Are they insane? Or just despicable?(via) … [Read more...]