Jenny McCarthy Explains Herself

Yesterday we discussed Jenny McCarthy's stage molestation of Justin Bieber, and how no one seems to care since it's a woman doing it to a man (boy?).McCarthy explained herself to reporters after: I couldn't help it, he was just so delicious, so little, and just, ahhhk, I wanted to tear his head off and eat it.It was a little cougar scary but I took the opportunity in the window, considering I'll never get to do it again, and kind of molested him.Can you imagine how hilarious that … [Read more...]

Jenny McCarthy, Justin Bieber and Discrimination would happen if a 40-year-old man — on live TV — grabbed an 18-year-old's girls neck, kissed her forcefully on it and her face, and then grabbed her ass?Massive media attention, conniptions, and protests.But when the reverse happens, and it's a woman doing it to a young man, no one seems to care.Should there be a double standard here? Because one certainly exists. … [Read more...]

The Danger of Dreams and Goals

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