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Who Would Jesus Fence Off?

Last week a Baptist pastor by the name of Worley got a fair bit of internet attention for declaring that gay people should all be stuck behind an electric fence – lesbians in one area and “queers and homosexuals” in another, where food could be dropped to them from an airplane until they all eventually [Read More…]

On Being a Beginner Again

If someone were to ask you whether you’d rather be an expert or a beginner at something (pick any activity that interests you), I’m guessing that you’d probably say “expert.”  I know I would.  Who wouldn’t want complete mastery of a subject?  As someone who just started playing the guitar five years ago, I think [Read More…]

Give It All Away! Wisdom of the plants

These days, as spring turns to summer, the garden is insistent with one message:  Give it away, or lose it all. Early in the development of a garden, it’s about procurement.  Picking out plants, choosing a place for them, seeing how they do.  With the kinds of perennials I tend to favor, that is both [Read More…]

Sex and War: Thoughts on Memorial Day Weekend

For Sunday, May 27th, I titled the worship service at the Church of the Restoration, “Sex and War: Love and Hope.”  My title mostly came from a 2008 book by Malcolm Potts and Tom Hayden, Sex and War: How Biology Explains Warfare and Terrorism and Offers a Path to a Safer World. It’s a very [Read More…]

Safe Harbor

Press power on the remote control, television on and every moment of viewing we are confronted with images that shame us into wanting to reject parts of our being turn our bodies and ourselves into slimmer, younger, lighter, leaner smarter, whiter, wealthier, straighter versions of our selves. Magazines tell us what not to wear along [Read More…]

The Meaning of Memorial Day

I thought I understood the meaning of Memorial Day. I thought the military uniform hanging in my closet taught me the meaning of Memorial Day. I thought that growing up the child of a soldier, and the grandchild of a sailor taught me the meaning of Memorial Day. But I was wrong. I sensed the [Read More…]

What Kind of a Parent is God?

  Women’s studies classes in college introduced me to the idea of feminine images of God/goddess. Frankly, I hadn’t really much thought about it up to that point. God was simply not an idea that I much related to, since God seemed to be distant, vague, and to alternate unpredictably between benevolent and judgmental. But [Read More…]

Paying Tribute

In her best-selling Hunger Games trilogy, Suzanne Collins imagines a world of the future—a dystopian reality in which North American society has been replaced with a world where workers toil for the good of a small elite, threatened with the use of force, and given hope only by the small chance of winning a deadly [Read More…]

The Exquisite Joy of Being Miserable

So I’m listening to Garbage’s Only Happy When It Rains, mindlessly singing along with Shirley Manson. Pour your misery down, pour your misery down on me. I’m sure the song is mocking those Eeyores among us, the Debbie Downers, the ones who feel so good when they “feel so sad.” I mean, haven’t we known [Read More…]

Holy Curiosity

In the story of the Little Prince, there is a compelling scene in which he arrives on a new planet and encounters a businessman.   We know it’s a businessman because he is counting he is too busy counting to lift his head in response to the Little Prince’s greeting. He is behind his desk [Read More…]