Safe Harbor

Press power on the remote control, television on and every moment of viewing we are confronted with images that shame us into wanting to reject parts of our being turn our bodies and ourselves into slimmer, younger, lighter, leaner smarter, whiter, wealthier, straighter versions of our selves. Magazines tell us what not to wear along [Read More...]

Holy Curiosity

In the story of the Little Prince, there is a compelling scene in which he arrives on a new planet and encounters a businessman.   We know it’s a businessman because he is counting he is too busy counting to lift his head in response to the Little Prince’s greeting. He is behind his desk [Read More...]

Whatever You Decide Is Perfect

One of the things about being a parish minister is that your schedule is constantly being changed by people’s needs and crises. You can be on your way out the door when you get a phone call: someone needs to talk, so you talk. It could be a church leader who just wants to review an agenda, it [Read More...]