A Christian vs. an Atheist: Round 2


Adam-I really appreciate your interest in having this exchange! I sought you out specifically as I felt we shared in the fellowship of a common pursuit: “Quid est veritas?”We agree on many views, though arrive there differently, and disagree on many others. As I said from my first communication, I am genuinely interested in your views and sincerely appreciate your interest in mine! I feel humility, empathy, and friendship is sorely missing in these discussions and I look forward to lea … [Read more...]

A Christian vs. an Atheist: On God and Government


Editor's Note:  Welcome to Patheos' new debate blog, Versus. Our first debate features Andrew Murtagh (a Christian) vs. Adam Lee (an atheist). The opening post is by Murtagh. Subscribe to this blog to follow the conversation between these two young, smart minds as they discuss God, government and the purpose of life.Adam -My name is Andrew Murtagh and I am a fellow enthusiast of independent thought. Among other things, I am an author, entrepreneur, and medical device sales rep. My b … [Read more...]