The world according to John LeCarre

This excerpt from Steve Garber’s book  Visions of Vocation is the final one in our series reprinted here with the kind permission of InterVarsity Press.  Get the book from IVP at this link! One of the best chroniclers of contemporary geo-politics is the British novelist John Le Carré. From The Spy Who Came in from the Cold [Read More…]

Why not be cynical?

Cynicism? It lurks around the corner of everyone’s heart. Powerful people in a powerful place– of course it cannot be honest. Everyone’s playing a game of some sort—you just need to see it for what it is. We see through, don’t we? We know, don’t we? If you haven’t already screwed me and the world, you will—and I will not be screwed again! So of course I don’t believe you. Why should I? How could I? [Read more…]