Have mercy upon us

I do love a good story. And it’s not always apparent on the first page. Having read most of Dickens, I now know that it will take about 25 pages to understand enough to keep reading; he paints with a broad brush before he begins with the details– the people, the places, and the drama [Read More…]

Steve Garber’s new book is here!

What if the vision of vocation can be recovered—allowing us to step into the wounds of the world and for love’s sake take up our responsibility for the way the world turns out? [Read more…]

Is there a vocation in seeing?

What might it mean to see one’s work as a calling? Does it make any difference at all? What does it mean to “see” in a way that implicates the seer, and the ones who see? The photographer, and those who see the world through his lens? [Read more…]