Let My Worship Be Within the Heart that Rejoices

The Starry Night, 1889 - Vincent van Gogh

All cultures have special days such as America’s Thanksgiving Day, when we give thanks and rejoice in the gifts that the universe has given us. Dedicated thanksgiving days are useful reminders to value what we have; but as Pagans we are fortunate in having many celebratory rituals. Most rites will include offerings of wine, cakes or other food: points in the ritual when we thank the Gods for the gifts of the natural world that sustains us. Giving thanks to the ancestors – Olivia … [Read more...]

Isis: A Multi-Cultural Goddess


To Isis Bestower of Wealth, Queen of the Gods, Speaker of Wisdom, Omnipotent Lady, Agathe Tyche, greatly renowned Isis … through you, Heaven and Earth have their being; and the gusts of winds and the sun with its sweet light … All who live on the boundless earth … invoke  your fair name, honored among all … Syrians honor you as Astarte, Artemis, Nanaia; Lycians as Leto, the Lady; Thracians name you Mother of the Gods; and the Greeks Hera of the Great Throne, … [Read more...]