Death and Deals at the Crossroads: Voodoo Thoughts on Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson is one of the most legendary figures in Blues music history. His mythic deal with the Devil at the crossroads catapulted him to musical and Hoodoo stardom. Will we ever know the real truth behind this epic urban legend ? [Read more...]

Sounds of the Spirit: New Orleans Voodoo and Haitian Vodou Drumming

Nothing typifies Voodoo spirit better than the drum. Literally the heartbeat of the tradition, the drums are the hands of Voodoo. [Read more...]

Divination Space Station: Lilith Dorsey

This week’s installment of Divination Space Station with Lilith Dorsey. Creator of the Voodoo Universe blog, author, Voodoo priestess and more, she has been reading cards professionally for over two decades. [Read more...]

St. Expedite: The Patron Saint of Hurry Up

St. Expedite is a godsend or goddessend to Voodoo and Santeria practitioners, folk magicians, and other devotees worldwide. People turn to Saint Expedite with problems of money, getting paid,curing procrastination, removing persecution, and speedy deliveries. [Read more...]

Appetite for Ancestors: Samhain the Voodoo Way

In Afro-Caribbean Religions like Voodoo, Vodou, and Lukumi or Santeria the true spirits of Halloween are the ancestors. It’s a time for reconnecting, remembering and honoring those who have gone before. [Read more...]

Ten Worst Voodoo Films of All Time

Most people’s exposure to the Voodoo religion comes unfortunately in the form of horribly bad movies. Zombies, possession, and Voodoo dolls crying out to Damballa are only some of the ludicrosity that Hollywood has chosen to display. [Read more...]

Sell My Soul: Commodification in Voodoo and Santeria (La Regla Lukumi)

Sex sells. Sin sells. Voodoo sells. It’s true, I didn’t make it up. The current season of American Horror Story Coven uses a bizarre mix of reality and supreme fantasy to get its point across, a major clothing manufacturer places a giant veve (ritual symbol) for Papa Legba in its store window to sell t-shirts, and I’m left shaking my head. [Read more...]