Part 2: More Truth About Voodoo Spells

People are willing to sell their souls and empty their wallets for the mystical, magical Voodoo spell. There are some basic Voodoo truths you need to know first, and I’m going to lay it all out for you. [Read more...]

Divination Space Station: Orion Foxwood

Voodoo Universe is very honored and proud to present the current installment of Divination Space Station with Orion Foxwood. Orion has been a friend for many years and is famous for being an author, witch , conjure-man, and faery seer. [Read more...]

2014 Readings Have Three Santeria Houses in Agreement- Unprecedented!

According to El Nuevo Herald, for the first time in anyone’s memory three separate Santeria houses, two in Cuba and one in Miami are reporting the same outcome for this year’s divination, Egiobe or Ejiogbe. The houses’ agreement about the specific predictions are ongoing but the general feeling is that this means optimism for the coming year. [Read more...]

Divination Space Station: Raven Moon’s Oracle

Welcome to the latest stop on Divination Space Station. This week we are blessed to have an interview with Jenn Ficentise, proprietress of Raven Moon’s Oracle. [Read more...]

Divination Space Station: Lilith Dorsey

This week’s installment of Divination Space Station with Lilith Dorsey. Creator of the Voodoo Universe blog, author, Voodoo priestess and more, she has been reading cards professionally for over two decades. [Read more...]

Divination Space Station: Awo Robert Ogbe Di

Divination Space Station interview with Babalawo Robert Ogbe Di. Just in time for Orunmila’s feast day October 4, an in depth exploration of divination by a priest of this Orisha. [Read more...]

Divination Space Station: Dorothy Morrison

Divination Space Station, where this week Voodoo Universe stops in with Dorothy Morrison to discuss tarot and divination as a whole. [Read more...]