St. John’s Eve Blessing Water Recipe

St. John's Eve Voodoo Blessing Ceremony preparations 2014, photo by Lilith Dorsey. All rights reserved.

St. John's Eve is thought of as the holiest day of the year in the New Orleans Voodoo tradition. Much of its popularity is due to the famous Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau who, it is believed, held large ceremonies for St. John Eve on the Bayou St. John and Lake Ponchartrain. There is much myth and misconception about this pioneering woman; for more information, please read the Real Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau.St. John's Eve is celebrated traditionally on June 23rd. It was a sacred time occurring … [Read more...]

Bless Your Soul with Florida Water

Murray & Lanman's Florida Water photo by Boston Public Library. Licensed under CC 2.0

“Voodoo smells great,” this is one of the first things my godchildren say to newcomers to our rituals. They are right. One of the most divine things about Voodoo and Santeria is that these religions find a way to deliciously bless and protect participants with some delightful magickal scents. One of the main blessing ingredients used is Florida Water. This isn't actually a water at all. It's Florida Water Cologne, it has an alcohol base and a history as long as my arm.  Murray and Lan … [Read more...]

Connecting with the Divine…Where in the Hell to Begin?

Dia de los Muertos Shrine for honoring the ancestors, Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam. Photo by Lilith Dorsey.

The struggle to connect with the Divine energies is a timeless one. Clearly it is difficult to know exactly where to begin. A wise young gentleman who attended my lecture this weekend at NYC Pagan Pride, asked me what I recommend for people just starting out who wish to reach out towards the ashe or energy of the different gods and goddesses of the Afro-Caribbean traditions of Vodou, Voodoo, or Lucumi (Santo.) Good question. I think that there are a few respectful and beneficial practices that … [Read more...]

Cleaning House with Voodoo and Santeria

Oshun altar for the feast of Caridad del Cobre.

“Let everyone sweep in front of his own door, and the whole world will be clean.” -Johann Wolfgang von GoetheI have been lecturing on Voodoo and Santeria for over fifteen years, and believe me I get a lot of weird questions. Many people wish to connect with the energies of the religion but are not initiated or under the proper guidance of their spiritual godparents. I had one woman after I became distracted after the end of my workshop come over dip her finger in the liquified candle wax fro … [Read more...]