Please Don’t Forget: In Memory of Margot Adler

I woke up this morning, afraid everyone will forget...forget what it was like to be around Margot Adler, Isaac Bonewits, Morning Glory Zell, Cayne Micelli, and all my friends who have drifted across the veil. I know people will remember the books, the talks, the recorded history. But these people made history, and my heart is heavy.One of the things I cherished about Margot Adler was that she knew her stuff. Paganism today is too often resold and regurgitated drivel, and I say that as both … [Read more...]

Otherness, Power and Privilege: Vampires Are Us

Lilith Dorsey and Margot Adler. All rights reserved.

Okay, I want to be a vampire, who doesn't? They have great clothes, great hair, intimidating power, and they live forever. No wonder people are lining up for films like Twilight, and continuing to worship at the altar of Buffy Summers. I even met a gentlemen at a pagan event who claimed to practice the Vampire religion. Not sure what this entailed except for an albino complexion, a lot of leather, and a propensity for weirdness. I don't know what to make of that, and I'm also not sure what to … [Read more...]