Divination Space Station: Raven Moon’s Oracle

Raven Moon's Oracle, wonderful wares !

 Welcome to the latest stop on Divination Space Station. This week we are blessed to have an interview with Jenn Ficentise, proprietress of Raven Moon's Oracle. As Head Gypsy in charge she specializes in the metaphysical: Tarot Card Readings, Intent Candles, Mojo bags, good luck charms, crystal programing, Soy candles, and the list goes on. She has an amazing psychic talent and is one of the few people I recommend to read when I am unavailable. I am so pleased to have her insightful … [Read more...]

5 Lies You May Believe About Voodoo and Santeria

Toothpick Voodoo. Photo by Juha-Matti Herrala. Licensed under CC 2.0

We all believe some wild stuff. Experience, for better or worse, shapes our existence. It happens everywhere but particularly regarding the subject of religion, stereotype and myth abound. Much has been written about this by Richard Dyer who theorizes that stereotypes function to "make the visible invisible." This is where religion lives, in this space between the visible and invisible. Let's "see" what we can find when we look at the most popular stereotypes surrounding the traditions of Voodoo … [Read more...]