Wild Wise Women of Science Fiction: Inara and Number 6

Sacred Sensual: Now and Always The sacred and the sensual go hand in hand, hand in glove, hand in… well fill in the blank. Powerful sensual women grace the Sci-Fi verse in shows as diverse as Firefly, Star Trek, and Battlestar Galatica. In other realms a sensual female can often be labeled a slut or [Read More...]

Wild Wise Women of Science Fiction: Guinan

One of the things we see most often, especially in the Science fiction of the last 50 years is a predominance of powerful women. The Sci-Fi ‘verse is one of those unique domains where women fortunately rule the roost. There are wise hostesses like Guinan, sacred and sensual companions like Inara and Number 6, and tough and ballsy captains like Ripley and Janeway. [Read more...]

Spiritual Lessons from Science Fiction: Oh Captain, My Captain….

Rough, rogue and randy we love these leaders. The Science Fiction lessons they teach us are numerous and we are o so willing to learn. [Read more...]