Sell My Soul: Commodification in Voodoo and Santeria (La Regla Lukumi)

Sex sells. Sin sells. Voodoo sells. It’s true, I didn’t make it up. The current season of American Horror Story Coven uses a bizarre mix of reality and supreme fantasy to get its point across, a major clothing manufacturer places a giant veve (ritual symbol) for Papa Legba in its store window to sell t-shirts, and I’m left shaking my head. [Read more...]

Guest Post: All Under Aida Wedo By Tehron Gillis

LGBTQ themes in Voodoo, Santeria aka Lucumi, Haitian Vodou, and other Afro-Diasporan traditions by an actual practitioner. [Read more...]

New Orleans Ritual Voodoo Coffee

There are many different ritual coffee drinks used around the Afro-Diasporan world. Many of these are alcoholic and are used both as offerings to the Voodoo gods, and fortification for the worshippers. [Read more...]

Fire Fire Fireside Chats: The Truth About Zombies

The latest video installment of Fire Fire Fireside chats. This time I take a look at the realities and the myth of Voodoo and Zombies, and even share a few pictures of me joining in the fun. [Read more...]

Saints, Sinners, Statues and Syncretism in Santeria and Voodoo

One of the most puzzling things for people both inside and outside the traditions of Voodoo and Santeria, also known as Lucumi, is the inclusion of other religions’ iconography. If you inquire about this to practitioners you will most likely get a variety of answers ranging from, colonial oppression, to secrecy, to beliefs that these individuals were part of the religion itself. [Read more...]

Honor Your Ancestors: Sweet Potato Mash with Bourbon and Pecans Recipe

Samhain or Halloween as it is more commonly celebrated is undoubtedly a time for celebrating the ancestors and in that spirit I present the following recipe based on one from my cookbook African-American Ritual Cooking. This Voodoo recipe for Sweet Potatoes is a New Orleans style take on the bountiful yam featuring two of the city’s favorite ingredients Bourbon and Pecans. [Read more...]

The Real Voodoo Queen: Marie Laveau

There may have been other Voodoo priestesses before her in the city of New Orleans, but there was no one like Marie Laveau, except maybe her daughter, but I will explain that later. This legendary Voodoo woman was said to do everything from providing psychic consultations for Queen Victoria to concocting psychedelic gumbo for inmates sentenced to hang in the gallows. [Read more...]