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    Julia, you have become the reason I read Vox Nova. As I listened yesterday, I wondered if anyone else–anywhere–had a bittersweet reaction to the President’s words: “There’s much here with which I agree, but, overall, I know this is not the way to justice.” I no longer feel so alone.

  • Julia Smucker

    Thanks for the compliment, Ron. Your reaction capsulizes mine pretty well. I just saw that the sub-headline on the front page of USA Today said something like, “President emphasizes unity but highlights issues likely to cause division.” That about sums it up.

    We will of course need to deal with those issues, but the way to do that is not “get on board with my agenda or get out of the way”, nor is it knee-jerk obstructionism. Unfortunately, this seems to be exactly the standoff that Obama and congressional Republicans are gearing up for.

  • Subsistent

    While agreeing with Ms. Smucker’s remarks on the president’s speech, and without disagreeing with Dr. King’s statement at the end, I recall a remark the French essayist Jacques Maritain made in his little book *Reflections on America* (© 1958), where he resided in the 1950’s. Speaking not of anything like a theocracy, but rather of a truly pluralistic and deeply democratic society Christianly inspired, he wrote (pp. 109 and 110): “… we may believe that if a new Christian civilization, a new Christendom is ever to come about in human history, it is on American soil that it will find its starting point.”