Blackadder Goes Forth

I just wanted to let everyone know that starting today I will be blogging at the American Catholic and Southern Appeal. I’ve really valued my time as a contributor at Vox Nova, and have profited hugely from our discussions here. I wish everyone the best. [Read more…]

Is Sotomayor Pro-Life?

Some pro-abortion groups are concerned that she might be: President Obama’s nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court has provoked concern from abortion rights advocates, who say they have seen no evidence that she supports upholding Roe vs. Wade. In 2002, Sotomayor rejected a challenge to President George W. Bush’s so-called Mexico City [Read More…]

Where Did Belloc Go Wrong?

In my last post, I noted that the major thesis of Belloc’s The Servile State – that modern capitalism was inevitably tending towards the reemergence of legalized slavery – has been proven wrong by history. Belloc’s prediction, however, was supported by what at the time would have seemed like quite probable arguments. Why, then, has [Read More…]

Vox Nova at the Library: The Servile State

The thesis of Hilaire Belloc’s The Servile State is summed up by a prediction offered by Mr. Belloc in the first paragraph of the book’s introduction (emphasis in original): This book is written to maintain and prove the following truth: That our free modern society in which the means of production are owned by a [Read More…]

Credit Confusion

As I write this, the Congress is preparing to pass a bill that would place restrictions on the ability of people to get credit. Personally, I have mixed feelings about the bill. On the one hand, when you make it harder for (mainly poor) people to get credit cards, you encourage them to turn to [Read More…]

Israel and Laissez Faire

In the course of one of his magnificently twisted rambling posts, Mencius Moldbug* addresses the Israel/Palestinian conflict, and specifically the claim that U.S. foreign policy is unduly influenced by the “Israel lobby”: Which side of the Arab-Israeli conflict does the US support? Obviously, both are “special interests,” and an easy way to tell whose pull [Read More…]

Sola Scriptura and the Constitution

Conservatives who advocate originalism or textualism when in comes to interpreting the Constitution are sometimes accused of advocating a “sola scriptura” view of the Constitution. Since such charges are typically made by Catholics to Catholics, the allegation has a certain sting to it, as if holding a particular theory of constitutional interpretation someone made one [Read More…]

Stagnant Thinking III: Where to Begin

Previous in Series: The Price of Progress? In my last post I noted that while the real median income for all workers in up more than 30% over the last 35 years, the real median income of White men isn’t much higher than it was in the early 1970s. In describing this phenomenon, I have [Read More…]

Stagnant Thinking II: The Price of Progress?

Previous in Series: Introduction. As I noted last time, the claim that real wages have been stagnant over the last several decades is a common place among certain groups. But is it true? A look at the Census Bureau’s Historical Income Tables shows that the median income for individuals was more than 30% higher in [Read More…]

Stagnant Thinking: An Introduction

The recently canceled television series Life on Mars featured a somewhat unusual premise. The show’s protagonist, Sam Tyler, is a cop in present day New York City who, after being hit by a car, finds himself mysteriously transported back to the year 1973. The show was a strange blend of police drama and science fiction, [Read More…]